Terms and Conditions


Reservation and Inquiries should be addressed to our office by phone, facsimile, or email. Reservation should be made as early as possible with detailed arrival and departure dates, itinerary, flight schedule, hotel choices and alternatives, group size etc.



Reservations or Inquiries are normally confirmed by return. When immediate confirmation is not possible the booking status will be advised.



Full payment by Bank Transfer is required two weeks before commencement of service at the first destination point. For booking during High Season, earlier deposit is required. Failure to comply with this conditions my result in cancellation of all reservation and arrangement without notice.
Payment should be transfixed to our account as follows:


Cancellation fees will not be levied by NDBT, however cancellation fees might be charged to you by airlines, hotel or others contractors with whom agreement have been made.



Refunds are subject to terms and conditions established by hotel, restaurants, carrier etc. No Refund for “no-show” or unutilized activities provided by tour affiliate.


NDBT act only as the agent of passenger(s) in all matters relating to hotel accommodation, tour or transport whether by aircrafts, ships, motor coach or any other form of transportation and shall not be held liable for injury, delay, loss or damage arises from any cause and in any manner, while exercising reasonable care in making such arrangements.


Travel Insurance

We advise that participants should buy insurance at the time you book the flight and/or tour.