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Papua, formerly known as Irian Jaya, is the largest province of Indonesia, comprising most of the western half of New Guinea and nearby islands. In 2003, the Indonesian government declared the westernmost part of the island, around Bird's Head Peninsula, a separate province known as West Papua.


Endemic wildlife gracing this vast expanse of jungle, mountain, swamp and sea include such weird and wonderful creatures as cassowaries, dugongs, showy cenderawasih (birds of paradise), egg-laying echidnas and tree-dwelling monitor lizards.


Much of Papua is covered by impenetrable jungle, most inhabitants live in and around coastal towns. Almost all visitors head to the Baliem Valley, home to some of the most remarkable traditional cultures on earth, while others are drawn to the art of the Asmat region, or the bird life and coral reefs of the northern coast and islands.


Papua Rafting


A central east-west mountain range dominates the geography of New Guinea, over 1,600 km (994 mi) in total length. The western section is around 600 km (373 mi) long and 100 km (62 mi) across. The province contains the highest mountains between the Himalayas and the Andes, rising up to 5050 m high, and ensuring a steady supply of rain from the tropical atmosphere. Except in high elevations, most areas possess a hot humid climate throughout the year, with some seasonal variation associated with the northeast monsoon season.


The vast southern and northern lowlands, stretching for hundreds of kilometers, include lowland rainforests, extensive wetlands, savanna grasslands, and some of the largest expanses of mangrove forest in the world.


The province's largest river is the Mamberamo, sometimes called the "Amazon of Papua", which winds through the northern part of the province. The result is a large area of lakes and rivers known as the Lakes Plains region. The famous Baliem Valley, home of the Dani people is 1600 m above sea level in the midst of the central mountain range; Puncak Jaya, sometimes known by its former Dutch name Carstensz Pyramid, a mist covered limestone mountain peak 5050 m above sea level with permanent snowfields and small glaciers.

Papua Tour Packages

Balliem Valley5D / 4N Baliem Valley Tour

Arrive at Jayapura’s Sentani Airport and take a short flight to Wamena. Transfer to The Baliem Valley Resort. After lunch, visiting the local market in Wamena and hanging bridge in Sinakma in the afternoon.








Balliem Valley7D / 6N Baliem Valley

Depart to Jayapura on GA 652 ( 02.30 - 08.40) Arrive at Jayapura Sentani Airport and take a short flight to Wamena. After arrive in Wamena transfer to The Baliem Valley Resort overnights at The Baliem Valley Resort. Afternoon free at leisure or visiting the Dani’s Hamlet in Hotel area.







Balliem Valley8D / 7N Baliem Valley

Depart to Jayapura on GA 652, departing at 02.30. Arrive at Jayapura Sentani Airport 08.40 and take a short flight to Wamena. After arriving in Wamena, transfer to and overnight at The Baliem Valley Resort. Enjoy your leisure afternoon or visit the Dani’s Hamlet near the Hotel.







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