Destination Kalimantan

Kalimantan Island (Borneo) lies on the equator with temperatures from 18°c up to 36°c in the lowland and 10°c up to 23°c in the mountain areas. The land is crossed by many rivers, which are the dominant means of transportation and commercial activities, although roads and motor ways have also been built linking towns and villages.


South Kalimantan has many special places of interest for visitors. The Barito Floating Market will give you enjoyable trips cruising the Martapura and Barito rivers. You can see how the local people live along the banks of the rivers. Early inn the morning, by a traditional motor boat (Kelotok), see the biggest floating market in Kuin, taste local snacks and drinks at a floating restaurant. Eat rice cakes, fried bananas or try a delicious local soup. Martapura Diamond Mining, where the people try their luck in deep holes, digging through gravel and sand, then wash the soil in search of diamond which is called Galuh. Next, the galuh is cut, polished and faceted to become a Berlian ready for use as jewelry. The Borneo Bekantan, a special animal, you will not find in other places. The rare monkey species or Bekantan has a very long nose, inhabits an island near the mouth of the river Barito and can be reached by speed boat from a short distance. Loksado, about 174 km north of Banjarmasin, the place where the Dayak Tribes live in their traditional way.

East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan is easily accessible from Jakarta and Bali by air. From the oil town of Balikpapan, road transportation is available to the old Sultanate of Kutai and the provincial capital of Samarinda. East Kalimantan's main attraction is the culture of its Dayak Tribes who live in long houses along the rivers that criss-cross the province.


East Kalimantan covers an area of 331,440 square km. Its low plains are swampy and its rivers, (161 counted so far) play an important role in communications and the economy. Scattered through the swamp area there are 111 lakes with the villages linked by bridges. 




One of the most interesting trips in East Kalimantan is the Mahakam River. The people, once believed to be head hunters, live in remote areas and along the rivers maintaining beliefs in the supernatural and ancestral worship. The Mahakam is also known for its freshwater dolphins that follow boats in the river. Tenggarong, on the river, has a museum whose exhibits include heirlooms of the Sultanate and gives an insight into the history and culture of the people. The museum has a fine collection of Chinese ceramics that were once possessions of the Sultan of Kutai. Kersik Luway is known for its "Black Orchid”. The reserve is supervised by the Nature Preservation and Conservation Directorate. The black orchids grow as a parasite on shrubs and bloom between September and December. A river trip stops for overnight stays at villages where dance performances are organized on advance notice and where the beautiful embroidery and beading, produced by villagers, can be purchased.


Kalimantan Tour Packages

OrangutanOrangutan Wildlife and River Safari

From your arrival in Kalimantan, our guide will escort you to the riverboat for a relaxing cruise through the tropical rainforest. The tourists refer to our boat as “The African Queen” from the Humphrey Bogart movie.








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